Teresa Seran
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Forms In Flux Mixed Media Serenity Mixed Media Galactica Mixed Media Monarch Mixed Media Lost Memories Mixed Media
Lost and Found Mixed Media Hidden in the Web Mixed Media Forestral Mixed Media Kalidiscope Mixed Media
Merrily We Go Mixed Media Caressing-the-Red Acrylic Galaxy Acrylic
Untitled Acrylic In the Wave Acrylic Untitled Acrylic
Lost Horizoon Acrylic Spiritual Meandering Acrylic Untitled VI Acrylic
From Here To There Acrylic Hills and More Hills Acrylic Untitled V Acrylic
Global Warming Acrylic Black Diamond Acrylic Topsy Turvy Acrylic
Cornucopia I Acrylic Where to Now Acrylic Sea Burst Acrylic
Untitled I Acrylic Beyond the Castle Acrylic City Veil Acrylic
Untitled Acrylic Untitled II Acrylic Untitled 3 Acrylic
Untitled 4 Acrylic Untitled 5 Acrylic Untitled VI Acrylic
Untitled VII Acrylic Untitled VII Acrylic Untitled VIII Acrylic
Untitled IX Acrylic Untitled X Acrylic
Untitled XI Acrylic Untitled XII Acrylic Untitled XIII Acrylic
Somewhere Over There Acrylic Dreaming-in-Italian-II Acrylic Turbulent Times I Acrylic Dreaming in Italian III Acrylic
Balloon-Tree-Forest Acrylic Dreaming in Italian I Acrylic Wind in the Hills Acrylic
Blowing Trees Acrylic Caribbean-Dreaming Acrylic Turbulent Times Acrylic
Whirling City Acrylic Surfing on the Bay Acrylic Harbor Dance Acrylic
Trouble in Paradise Acrylic Remembering Patagonia Acrylic Sailing I Acrylic
Sea Path Acrylic Endless Sky Acrylic Palm Garden Acrylic Distant places Acrylic
Tuscan Path Acrylic Roads Followed Mixed Media Uprooted Acrylic Pearscape Acrylic
Where's Our Hill? Acrylic Geograpically Challenged Acrylic Taking Root Acrylic
Hotbed Acrylic Global Turmoil Acrylic Global Challenge Acrylic
Global Thoughts Acrylic Cypress Acrylic Floating Trees Acrylic
Cypress II Acrylic Hilly City Acrylic Metallic Tree Acrylic
Rooted-on-the-Bluff Acrylic Windy Acrylic Seascaping Sunset Acrylic
Bridged Acrylic Sea Grass Acrylic On the Marsh Acrylic
Seascape Sunset Acrylic
  Mixed Media
  40 x 30 x 3  in
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Chiffon fabric, mixed acrylic colors on canvas
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